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Morpheus Photo Animation Suite Mac - Photo Mix Tutorial Page 1

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Loading Pictures

Start Morpheus Photo Animation Suite Mac by double-clicking on the icon in the Applications folder from Finder. If you are in the right program, the corner of the screen should resemble this picture.

You should see the Layout Wizard when you first start Morpheus Photo Animation Suite Mac. If you have disabled the wizard or closed it, you can select Layout Wizard from the File menu to start it again. In this tutorial, we will create a simple photo mix, so select "Create a new photo mix layout." from the first page of the wizard, then press the Next button to continue.

At the bottom of this page of the wizard is a checkbox labeled "Use beginner mode menus." which is checked by default. If you are just getting started with Morpheus Photo Animation Suite Mac it is recommended that you leave this box checked which will simply hide some of the more advanced menu options and toolbar buttons. Only the basic buttons needed to familiarize yourself with getting started will be shown. Later, when you are more familiar with Morpheus Photo Animation Suite Mac you can turn this option off and use the normal mode menus in order to gain access to all of the available features.

On the second page of the wizard, you will load the two pictures you wish to use in your photo mix. Click the Load Picture buttons below the picture preview boxes to select the picture file you want to load. It doesn't matter which picture is loaded into which box since they will both be mixed together equally.

In this example, the "young girl.jpg" sample image (which comes included with Morpheus Photo Animation Suite Mac for demonstration purposes) will serve as one of the pictures. Once the file is selected and opened, the picture will appear in the picture preview box above the Load Picture button. Load the second picture using the button on the right in the same manner. For this example, the "man.jpg" sample image will be used.

Once you have loaded your pictures, simply click the Next button again. On the final page of the wizard are some basic instructions for getting started, which will summarize similar instructions as found in this tutorial. Once you click the Finish button, the directions from the last page of the wizard will still be shown in a smaller pane off to the side.