Unicode-Aware Hex and Text Editor

Super Unicode Editor™ v3.01

A hex editor that understands Unicode!

Super Unicode Editor (SUE) is a program that is somewhere between a text edior and a hex editor. In it's simplest form, it can edit plain text like Notepad with the 'Text' edit format, or it can edit binary files byte-by-byte like any hex editor with the 'Binary' edit format. Beyond that, it can also edit files in UTF-8, UTF-16, and UTF-32 formats with a smart display of Unicode codepoints. Files can be read in one format, while edited in another, with multiple different views of the same file open at once.

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Compatible with Windows 11

What's Inside:

  • Edit files in Text, Binary, or Unicode formats
  • Convert to/from Unicode formats or any codepage
  • Supports both big and little endian
  • Edit Unicode data in a format different than the file's saved format
  • Multiple views and split panes
  • Cut, copy, and paste text or binary data
  • Unicode 6.0 character information pane
  • And much more!