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Morpheus Photo Compressor - Tutorial Page 1

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Open a Picture

Start Morpheus Photo Compressor by clicking on the icon, either on your desktop, or in the Start menu. If you are in the right program, the corner of the screen should resemble this picture.

The first step is to open up the picture you would like to compress. Click the Open Picture button on the main toolbar to open a picture.

You should now see the Open dialog, which should resemble this picture.

Locate the picture on your computer which you wish to compress and select it. In this tutorial we will use the sample picture entitled "Cat.jpg". This image comes included with the program as a sample for you to experiment with. You can work with this sample image as you follow the tutorial steps, or open any other image if you would prefer to use your own image.

Once you have selected the picture you wish to compress, click the Open button to open the picture into Morpheus Photo Compressor.

If your picture is from a digital camera or scanner, it will most likely not fit into the program's main screen and you will not be able to see the entire picture at once. This is not a problem because the picture is displayed the exact size it was last saved as. Sometimes the entire size is the only way many people may see your picture if you were to email it to them, which is one reason you need to compress it.

The "Cat.jpg" sample is from an 8 Megapixel digital camera. Unless your monitor resolution is set very high, you probably won't even be able to see the cat in the picture unless you scroll down and to the right. Either way, it is not a problem and you can continue on to the next step because resizing and compressing your pictures is exactly what Morpheus Photo Compressor is for.